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Larksome is a holding company investing in technologies.

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Our Mission

To become one of the Pioneers in the amplification of Digital based companies in the country.


Our Vision

Taking Bangladeshi-based companies globally.


Our Values

Ensuring fairness in industry practices and creating the right valuation of ideas.

About Us

Larksome is a holding company investing in technologies like Multimedia, AR, VR, and Digital. Located at the heart of Dhaka City, Larksome is always looking for promising modern ideas to invest in.

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Wahad Islam

Founder and CEO

Wahad is a celebrated technopreneur and business leader with 14+ years of experience in technology, consumer goods & lifestyle industry. He has a proven track record of founding and developing sustainable businesses in Singapore (Wonderworld Digital Pte Ltd), Hong Kong (ShaftArk Corporation), UAE (Wahad Technologies FZCO), Analyzen Digital Myanmar Ltd, Awsdyn Technologies Ltd, Larksome Corporation, etc.



Our Clients

Review From Our Clients

They are very agile

I need my work to be swift and professional and they delivered with little to no complaints at all. A very reliable bunch who handles the task with the utmost professionalism and flexibility.

Image Mohammad Imran

They are reliable

I needed ideas for my brands and I did not have anything ready in terms of brand-related assets. They took their time, did their research, and then provided me with everything I needed and more. I have always found them helpful with every task I required of them.

Image Rubayet Islam

Problem solvers

My company was facing issues related to business that was beyond my solving capabilities. It was my desperation that made me reach out to them and I never regretted that decision at all. They brought in new ideas with cleverly planned executions that helped me regain control over my business in a very short time. To they are amazing problem solvers.

Image Riasat Hossain

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House No: B1, Flat No: A1, Road No: 8, Gulshan-1

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